5 Unique Wedding Concepts


Are you thinking about what theme is suitable for your wedding? Do you want to accentuate a classic and romantic atmosphere, or do you prefer a modern style?

After you choose the theme of your dreams, it will be easier for you to determine the next wedding planning step. Whether it’s from determining the main color, decoration, style of the wedding flower bouquet , and so on.

If you’re still confused about choosing, don’t worry, we’ve gathered some inspiration for you. Let’s take a look at some of the wedding concepts options that you can choose for your wedding day.

5 Wedding Theme Inspirations

1. Rustic

The Rustic theme has now been chosen and many are interested, because the theme can give a warm impression to the wedding party.

To create a rustic theme, you can choose colors and decorative elements that are identical to a mixture of white, pink and pastel colors, floral motifs and romantic nuances, but don’t forget to also highlight the country atmosphere with the dominance of strong wood and vintage elements that characterize it. from the rustic theme.

2. Vintage

Vintage themes have a wide range of both ideas and themes, depending on what you want to highlight, from 20s glitter to 80s funky style.

Think and choose what is really your and your partner’s style and explore as much as possible about the things that can bring you nostalgia and return to that era. Usually most weddings take inspiration from novels or films that were popular at that time.

3. Tropical

Holding a wedding in an open space has become a trend nowadays, the garden theme is the most preferred and favorite.

Not only in open spaces, you can also bring the feel of a green and romantic garden with tree decorations and flower decorations into the reception area in a closed room and turn the ballroom into a magical and amazing garden or even a forest.

This unique theme with natural beauty and open space can make visitors on your wedding day more flexible in enjoying your precious event. A theme like this is suitable when combined with flower bouquet for the bride.

4. Classic Romance

The classic theme is a timeless theme and will never go out of style forever. This theme is also the most favored by wedding couples because it seems formal and suitable for weddings.

You will be taken in by the simple yet stunning view of the classic theme that accentuates the white color throughout the room. The white decoration is perfect for those of you who like a romantic wedding style. The groom’s makeup can use a white rose boutonniere while the bride can use a wedding flower bouquet with pink roses.

5. Ethnic or Multicultural

Ethnic or multicultural weddings are about highlighting a culture or combining two cultures, traditions and families into one beautiful whole.

Show rich colors such as gold, red and green and add ethnic decorations typical of the area you come from. Your ethnic party theme will be even more perfect if you also invite dancers, musicians or other entertainers who showcase your local arts and his.

How, have you found the right theme choice? Don’t be in a hurry to choose, think carefully about the right theme with decorations that are not excessive and in accordance with the budget. Also make sure that the choice of the theme that will carry your wedding is based on the agreement of the two.