10 Romantic and Unique Wedding Concepts

Wedding Concept

So that the wedding party goes according to what is expected, of course it requires a mature concept. Creating a wedding concept is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Especially in determining the theme of the wedding, a joint decision is needed from the two brides-to-be.

Frequently Used Wedding Concepts

The concept of marriage is an important thing in holding a wedding . Currently, there are many wedding that are often used by brides. From weddings that are held outdoors to indoors all of them have a unique wedding theme to have a good impression on their wedding.

If you are looking for a wedding concept, here Parasayu will provide some wedding concepts that are often used by brides.

1. Picnic Wedding Concept

The first wedding concept is a wedding picnic theme wedding is quite unique. The guests who attended the wedding, it was as if they were having a picnic with their family.

Usually the theme of a picnic wedding uses an outdoor. Guests will be served picnic-style dishes along with lesehan seats that have been made in such a way. If you want to hold a unique and different wedding, wedding you can use the concept of a picnic.

2. Industrial Wedding Theme

Next there is the theme of industrial-style weddings. This wedding theme is perfect for you to use if you want to be different. Usually this industrial theme is carried out in a cafe or restaurant.

With a touch of wood and chandeliers around the venue, making the wedding party different from the others. If you want to give a fresh impression, you can collaborate with an industrial wedding theme with a rustic bit.

3. Terrarium Wedding Concept

Theme wedding is a terrarium theme. This wedding theme is usually used by couples who like eco-green. With shades of green nature and beautiful garden views, making the concept of a terrarium wedding fresher. The flower decorations in the terrarium glass that are on the tables make the appearance look beautiful to the eye.

4. Theme Nautical Wedding

Well if you and your partner like the view of the sea and the beach. theme wedding is perfect for you to use at a wedding. The combination of blue and white and coupled with typical marine decorations, makes a wedding party different from the others.

To hold a wedding party with a nautical theme, you can use a place on the beach or in an indoor . However, for the indoor , you must use an experienced decoration vendor, so that the nautical concept is in accordance with your wishes.

5. Carnival Wedding

Next there is the theme of carnival weddings. Although rarely encountered in Indonesia, this wedding party is often used by foreigners. From the name alone, it is clear the excitement of a wedding party using this theme. Not much different from carnavals in general, elements of carnivals that are often held out there can be adopted at weddings.

6. The Rock Wedding Concept

If you and your partner like music, then the rock wedding can be an alternative for you to use. This wedding theme is indeed different from the others. With decorations such as holding concerts and catering placed in food trucks making a wedding party with this theme will be memorable for you and your invited guests.

7. Romantic Wedding Theme

Romantic wedding theme is a wedding theme that is most liked by women. The decoration at this wedding is dominated by muted colors with a mix of flowers around the venue . Of course, a romantic yet elegant impression will be evident at this wedding.

8. Rustic Wedding Concept

One of the themes that are often used in weddings is rustic. This wedding theme carries many calm colors with thick natural nuances. To carry this theme, usually the bride and groom must rent a place in the outdoor . You will get a natural and romantic impression when you use the rustic concept.

9. Garden Party Wedding Concept

Who doesn’t love garden parties. Well, the concept of a garden party wedding is one of the themes that are often used by bridal couples. The green scenery and the typical garden atmosphere are the main attraction for people who attend this wedding. If you are interested in having a wedding with this theme, you should do it in sunny weather.

10. Traditional Wedding Concept

One of the wedding that is often used by bridal couples is the concept of traditional weddings. Moreover, Indonesia has many tribes, so that traditional wedding parties are very diverse. With a decoration typical of certain traditional areas, making the wedding party more memorable.

Well, those are some wedding concepts that you can use for the event you are going to do. With a mature concept, of course making the wedding party will be smooth and lively according to what you want.